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Mesto Topoľčany


The City of Topoľčany is located in the northern part of the Nitra Self-Governing Region in the eastern portion of the Topoľčany District; with a total area of 27.58 km2 the city is the 100th largest in terms of area and tenth most densely inhabited city in the Slovak Republic.
Topoľčany has been a centre of trade and craft production since ancient times, thanks to the well-known market place that attracted traders, both local and from more distant areas. Today the city remains the economic, commercial and civic centre of the entire district and offers visitors a range of interesting features and other tourist-centred attractions.
Certainly don't miss the opportunity to visit this picturesque city in the valley of the Nitra River if you are looking for unique attractions such as the stunning Secessionist city hall building from the early 20th century, which is one of the most compelling symbols of the local expansion of the Secessionist movement or the the preserved upper jaw with tusks of a mastodon that is more than three metres long and included in the permanent collection of the Tríbeč Museum.
The rich culture and arts scene, both of which are a major part of day-to-day life in the city, are also sure to enhance a visit to the city. You can convince yourself by visiting the Topoľčany City Gallery or Nástupište 1-12 which hosts a range of fascinating exhibitions and concerts as well as other events and is the perfect opportunity to get to know the works of talented young artists from Slovakia and abroad.
If you come to our city for its historical landmarks, vibrant culture or boisterous entertainment you can be sure that you'll always be welcomed and you'll leave full of great memories and experiences.

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Square M. R. Štefánika 1/1
955 01 Topoľčany
ID: 00 311 162
VÚB Topoľčany, Account number: 227192/0200
Phone exchange 004213853 40 101

General information:
Mail Room:
Mayor: JUDr. Alexandra Gieciová,
Information on the meeting web site:

Opening hours: Monday 7.30 am - 3.30 pm
Tuesday 7.30 am - 3.30 pm
Wednesday 7.30 am - 5.00 pm
Thursday 7.30 am - 3.30 pm
Friday 7.30 am - 2.00 pm

Technical operator:
Webygroup p. r. o.
Defenders of peace 1856/60
Postal address Nižovec 8936/2a
960 01 Zvolen



The Topoľčany coat-of-arms has belonged to the oldest heraldic symbols in Slovakia. Although the oldest preserved town seal has been from the 16th cent., the town coat-of-arms is presupposed to have its origin in the 13th cent. already. According to a theory of the Slovak most important heraldist Jozef Novák, towns started to use their symbols in that stage of the administrative development when they began to produce written documents in their own behalf and needed to seal them. Topoľčany reached this stage at the beginning of the 13th cent. under the rule of the Arpád family. From their coat-of-arms also that of Topoľčany was derived. This symbol of Topoľčany contains a golden two-armed cross on a blue early Gothic escutcheon. Between the arms there is a golden six pointed star on the right and a golden tum-up crescent on the left. The town ensign has its origin in the coat-of-arms. The town seal is round, containing the coat-of-arms with a legend, “Mesto Topolcany" (the town of Topoľčany).



Topoľčany City is an independent local authority and the administrative unit of the Slovak Republic, which carries its own self-government under Law No. SNC. 369/1990 Coll. Municipal Act. The Municipal Office in Topoľčany are established Joint Municipal Authority (Building Authority), School Office and Registry Office. This web site is managed by the city Topoľčany is processed and implemented in accordance with applicable legislation, Decree on Standards for IS CC.
Activity Department Municipality - brief description
Department of organizational management - provides computer network management, personnel staff, contractual relations with the occupiers of premises, public records, the agenda has been sent and incoming mail, fire, civil defense and current information on the official notice board. Provides certification of signatures and documents, reports on request by reputation. That department cares for culture life and activities in the city.
Department of law and property - handle proprietary agenda of the city management, real estate, made tender and auction procedures, liens and sales to land city. Represents the city in legal matters, recover his claim is pending offenses and develops the appropriate decisions. It also provides legal services to non-profit organizations and companies incorporated and established the town.
Department of Finance and Economic Management - ensuring the application of laws, rules and regulations regarding the financing of municipalities, including the implementation of the Municipal Council resolutions. Processing agenda of property tax and local taxes, including fees for business in the city. Issue notices and decisions and monitor their payments. It provides a comprehensive payroll service for city office, records of income and expenditure and report to the urban marketplace.
Department of Environment and Construction - oversees the protection, creation and maintenance of urban green, condition of playgrounds, public spaces and sports facilities. It provides management and maintenance of local roads, and authorizes the closing digs. Directs the activities in the field of waste management and also deals with registration fees for the waste and addressing violations. In the area of water and air permits sampling of surface and groundwater protection for citizens and households. Construction Authority exercises jurisdiction in the area of Planning and Building Regulations. Performs occupancy decisions, act to remove the buildings, proceedings for the client and imposing fines. Permit is issued for information, advertising and promotional device. Provides consultation on investment projects and land planning information.
Department of Town Estate and Public Services - Receive and consider the notification of small buildings, fittings, building modifications and maintenance work and ground telecommunications equipment. That department takes care about the town estate, it means buildings, areas and other places which are in the town estate. It makes public services for inhabitants of the town, like preparing all conditions for the swimming pool in the summer or conditions for the Christmas events in the winter.
Department of social services, social relations and education - considered the request of citizens of the single social assistance benefits, the provision of social lending and social services. It provides educational and counseling services and maintains a comprehensive agenda for nursing services. Club directs the activities of social organizations, equipment and home care services for single parents and social service facilities. Provides and coordinates the social work for the socially disadvantaged groups. Creating conditions for education in compulsory education in primary schools of the city. Manages, directs and controls the work of primary schools, basic art schools, kindergartens, schools and leisure center. It provides meals for children and students in all schools and educational establishments of the city. Department of Regional Development - submit ideas and develop proposals for comprehensive development of the city involved in the preparation of development plans and projects funded by the European Union. It provides communication between local government and NGOs, public authorities and specialized institutions.


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